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Perfect for startups, local businesses, and hybrid teams

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Available Work Space At Imagine Coworking Space Kennesaw

In the heart of Kennesaw, GA, Imagine Coworking offers a variety of coworking spaces designed to cater to professionals seeking convenience, flexibility, and a dynamic community. Within our inviting, contemporary setting, clients can discover an array of shared office spaces that serve as a nurturing environment for both collaboration and individual productivity. At Imagine Coworking, we believe that the right office space is more than just a desk – it’s a place where creativity flows and opportunities flourish. Our space is thoughtfully designed to inspire and facilitate your best work, whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or part of a remote team.

Our Kennesaw location is equipped with state-of-the-art office amenities, featuring high-speed internet, printing services, and comfortable workstations. The diverse options range from private offices to open-plan coworking spaces, ensuring that whether you require a quiet corner for concentration or a lively area for networking, there’s a space for every need. Furthermore, our range of office spaces spans various sizes, enabling businesses both small and large to find their ideal work space. By choosing Imagine Coworking, you’re not just renting an office space; you’re becoming a part of a vibrant community that fosters growth and connections, all while maintaining the professional atmosphere necessary for your success.

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Imagine Coworking Space Kennesaw Floorplan of All Shared Office Space Kennesaw Ga

Suite A

Corner Office w/windows and TV

2-4 People

289 SF Total


Suite B

Office w/Window

1-2 People

204 SF Total


Suite C

Office w/ TV and Whiteboard

1-2 People

175 SF Total


Suite D

Office w/ TV

1-2 People

175 SF Total


Suite E

Office w/ window and whiteboard

1-2 People

185 SF Total


Suite H

Corner Office w/windows

172 SF Total


Suite I

Office w/Windows

2-4 People

263 SF Total


Suite J

2-4 People

252 SF Total


Suite O

Office w/Window

1-2 People

153 SF Total


Suite P

Corner Office w/Window

1-2 Employees

175 SF Total


Suite R

Office w/Window

1-2 People

183 SF Total


Suite S

Corner Office w/windows

1-2 People

149 SF Total


Coworking Memberships

Coworking Desks $245/Mo

Dedicated Desks $395/Mo

Coworking Memberships

Coworking Desks $245/Mo

Dedicated Desks $395/Mo

Kennesaw, GA Location
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Rated 5.0/5 Out of 6 Reviews
Nicholas W
Read More
This is a very laid back and quiet co working space; with a very creative, helpful, and down to earth office manager, Ravi. The space is great because it's laid out with an open "bullpen" type space, with a perimeter of private office spaces and conference rooms. The whole office has a contemporary feel to it when it comes to the architecture and interior design, and includes a central, communal kitchen area that is complete with everything you could think of, plus a keg of beer! Internet speed is plenty fast and everyone there is very friendly. Highly recommend this place if you're looking for a co-working space! Prices are amazing and environment is perfect for getting work done or hosting a meeting! Great location right off 285 as well as along a Marta bus route, so really no reason to not at least give it a try! I am currently still a member and plan to continue to be one!
Read More
I have used Coworking space all over town and this new Imagine Coworking Space of Atlanta is by far my favorite new place to use for my work needs. The developer of this space really put thought and creativity into what people want, when they go to their office and combined all these ideas to create this inviting environment that makes me want to make this my work home. They also have an amazing coffee bar, a place to exercise, and even beer on tap after a hard days work. The interior is modern and awesome and when I brought clients in for meetings here they loved the space. Overall, if you are looking for a refreshing change, I would recommend you try this place out!
Tisha Moris
Read More
I’ve been looking for an office space that was close to Atlanta but away from the crazy city and this location was perfect. The current professionals are very welcoming and helpful. I’ll be back next month for good, for sure.
Read More
It’s a great co-working space with top of the line services and very supportive management. Highly recommended.
Helen N.
Read More
I've used WeWork, Industrious, Spaces and pretty much all the coworking locations in Atlanta. I've even rented offices at WeWork and Industrious, but I love my office space at Imagine Coworking the best. The units are spacious, amenities are awesome, and there's plenty of free parking without worrying about having to pre-pay for my clients and guests to come visit me. I didn't like the bro-y/fratty feel of Wework and some of the other coworking spaces in Atlanta, and I wanted something affordable yet gave me plenty of amenities without feeling like I'm being nickeled and dimed.
Sarah G.
Read More
I have used Coworking space all over town and this new Imagine Coworking Space of Atlanta is by far my favorite new place to use for my work needs. The developer of this space really put thought and creativity into what people want, when they go to their office and combined all these ideas to create this inviting environment that makes me want to make this my work home. They also have an amazing coffee bar, a place to exercise, and even beer on tap after a hard days work. The interior is modern and awesome and when I brought clients in for meetings here they loved the space. Overall, if you are looking for a refreshing change, I would recommend you try this place out!
Frequently Asked Questions

Imagine Coworking distinguishes itself by fostering a community-driven environment that encourages collaboration and innovation. Our thoughtfully designed private offices and inclusive amenities cater to both established businesses and entrepreneurs at every stage.

We offer private offices ranging from 70 sq ft (1-2 desk capacity) to 120 sq ft (2-3 desk capacity). Our team is happy to assist you in finding the perfect size to accommodate your business needs as it grows.

Private office members enjoy access to a fully equipped kitchen, three conference rooms, free beer and coffee, a spacious lounge area, free Wi-Fi, and printing, copying, and scanning services—all included in your membership.

Imagine Coworking provides both long-term and short-term lease options to suit your business requirements. We understand that flexibility is key, and our leasing terms are designed to accommodate various needs.

Yes, parking is available at IMAGINE Coworking Kennesaw, and the location is conveniently situated right off I-285, making it easily accessible​. Additionally, our parking lot offers free parking for large downtown Kennesaw events as well.

Yes, unlike many lease arrangements, all utilities are included in our pricing. You can focus on your work without the hassle of additional utility bills.

Absolutely! We encourage you to schedule a tour to experience our coworking space firsthand. Our team will be delighted to show you around and answer any questions you may have.

To become a member, you can start by scheduling a tour or claiming a free day pass on our website. Once you’ve chosen the perfect private office, our team will guide you through the straightforward process of securing your workspace.

Join A Network of Local Entrepreneurs in Our Shared Office Space

At Imagine Coworking, we’re more than just a shared office space; we’re a vibrant community of go-getters and innovation-driven members ready to welcome you into a cohesive network ripe with opportunity. Positioned in the heart of Kennesaw, GA, our shared office environment is meticulously crafted to fuel collaboration, growth, and success for businesses of all sizes. Our members, ranging from freelancers to burgeoning startups, connect and collaborate, making our shared office space a dynamic hub for entrepreneurial spirit.

Whether you’re in the trenches of your startup’s first year or scaling a well-established business, our shared office space is tailored to meet your professional needs. Imagine Coworking is not just about the physical space; we encompass a belief in the collective success of our members, where every handshake has the potential to spawn new business ventures, and every conversation could unveil novel insights. We foster an atmosphere where you’re not just working near others; you’re engaging with a community of like-minded professionals who share your zeal for achievement.

Embedded within Kennesaw’s bustling landscape, Imagine Coworking stands as a beacon for those seeking more than a mere desk. Join our shared office space and immerse yourself in a workplace alongside other entrepreneurs, all contributing to a vibrant, innovative ecosystem.

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Join A Network of Local Entrepreneurs When You Join IMAGINE Coworking
The main area at Imagine Coworking's work space atlanta

2342 Perimeter Park Drive, Atlanta, GA 30341​

An example of a private office space in Kennesaw, GA at Imagine Coworking

2601 Summers St Suite 300, Kennesaw, GA 30144​

Offering Month-to-Month Shared Office Space in Kennesaw, GA

Welcome to Imagine Coworking, where we specialize in providing flexible, month-to-month shared office spaces in the heart of Kennesaw, GA. Our unique shared office space offerings cater to the dynamic needs of freelancers, start-ups, and established businesses alike, enabling them to thrive without the constraints of long-term leases. Members of Imagine Coworking enjoy access to an array of coworking spaces that not only foster productivity but also encourage networking with a community of local entrepreneurs.

Each coworking space within our premises is designed to inspire and facilitate success, whether you’re seeking a quiet nook for deep focus or a collaborative hotspot for brainstorming. Members appreciate the freedom that our office space provides, enabling them to scale up or down as their business needs evolve. The office spaces at Imagine Coworking are not just about the physical area; they are about being part of a vibrant ecosystem where ideas intersect and innovation takes flight. Situated in Kennesaw, our coworking spaces serve as a beacon for professionals seeking flexibility and a supportive environment. Join us and become a member of a growing network of local entrepreneurs who value connectivity, growth, and the synergy that our shared office space promotes.

New Kennesaw Coworking Members Receive 50% Off Their First Month

Embarking on your journey as a member of the vibrant coworking community at Imagine Coworking in Kennesaw, GA, has never been more enticing. With a remarkable offer of 50% off your first month, new members can immerse themselves into a realm where productivity meets connectivity. As pioneers in the coworking space, we understand that transitioning into a shared office space can be pivotal for professionals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs alike. This is why we extend this exclusive promotion to welcome you to the fold of our collaborative workspace.

Our coworking spaces are thoughtfully designed to foster innovation and community. By becoming part of our coworking membership, you will join a network of local entrepreneurs who value the synergy that shared office space cultivates. At Imagine Coworking, every aspect of our coworking environment is crafted to enhance your work experience, from ergonomic workstations to high-speed internet and support services.

Members at Imagine Coworking benefit from the flexibility of month-to-month shared office space options, allowing for scalability and adaptability to the dynamic nature of business. Our Kennesaw location, renowned for its professional atmosphere and state-of-the-art amenities, is the ideal setting for individuals and teams seeking to elevate their work in a shared environment. We’re confident that our coworking space will serve as the catalyst for new collaborations and growth. There’s no better time to join Imagine Coworking, where your first month’s investment in the future of work is now even more accessible.

Book a Tour of Our Coworking Space in Kennesaw, GA

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Imagine Coworking’s premium coworking space in Kennesaw. Here, we offer a diverse range of office spaces designed to suit the dynamism of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business professionals seeking synergy in a shared office space. By scheduling a tour, you’ll get an insider’s view of our state-of-the-art facilities, tailored to encourage productivity and collaboration. We’re at the heart of Kennesaw, amidst a hub of innovation, where our coworking spaces are more than mere workstations; they represent a community-driven environment that fosters networking and growth.

At Imagine Coworking, you’ll find an assortment of office spaces, inclusive of ergonomic workspaces and thoughtfully designed communal areas, all maintaining our philosophy of flexibility and convenience. Our month-to-month shared office space offerings reflect our commitment to adaptability, supporting our members’ changing business needs without the burdens of long-term leases. And for those new to the Kennesaw coworking scene, we extend a warm invitation with an exclusive offer: 50% off your first month as you join our network of local entrepreneurs in a workspace that transcends the traditional. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of something extraordinary. Book your tour today and explore the potential of coworking spaces in Kennesaw at Imagine Coworking.

Get More Work Done in Our Kennesaw Work Space Awesome Amenities

Maximize your productivity at Imagine Coworking, where our state-of-the-art Kennesaw work space merges comfort with functionality, setting the stage for you to conquer your to-do list. Don’t settle for a bland, uninspiring environment; our coworking office is designed to elevate your workflow with an array of exceptional amenities. Picture yourself in a vibrant business lounge, a sanctuary for professionals who thrive on networking and collaboration, right here in the heart of Kennesaw. We’ve crafted a haven for creatives and entrepreneurs alike with our suite of shared office spaces, ensuring your business ambitions know no bounds. Enjoy high-speed internet that keeps pace with your workload, ergonomic furniture that supports your hustle, and access to cutting-edge technology that streamlines your day. Whether it’s a private phone booth for an impromptu client call or a cozy nook in our communal area, we’ve tailored every inch of our space to your work-life needs. And let’s not forget the convenience of Kennesaw’s dynamic atmosphere—are you ready to join a hub where opportunity and innovation intersect? At Imagine Coworking, your first month comes with an exclusive offer, slicing your initial costs in half, so you can start on the right foot. Take the next step and book a tour today to witness firsthand the remarkable amenities waiting to be a part of your success story at Imagine Coworking Kennesaw.

Private Offices Available At Our Kennesaw Co Working Space

For professionals seeking a conducive environment that blends the collaborative nature of a coworking space with the exclusivity of a personal domain, Imagine Coworking offers premium private offices in Kennesaw. Our private office options cater to individual preferences and requirements, providing a serene atmosphere for optimal productivity. Each private office is designed to serve as a tranquil retreat from the dynamic vibe of the bustling coworking spaces, ensuring you have your own space to concentrate and thrive.

At Imagine Coworking, we understand the importance of choice in a coworking environment. That’s why we offer a variety of office spaces to fit different needs, whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or part of a growing team. Kennesaw’s professionals, freelancers, and creatives now have access to office spaces that support and foster their endeavors without the commitment of long-term leases. The office spaces provided at Imagine Coworking are not merely places to work; they are catalysts for networking and innovation within the Kennesaw community.

Take advantage of the fully-equipped office spaces at Imagine Coworking, complete with all the amenities necessary for your business’s success. Each private office embodies the convenience and professional ambience you’d expect from a leading coworking space in Kennesaw, GA. Join Imagine Coworking today, and be part of a vibrant community of like-minded professionals, while benefiting from the flexibility of our month-to-month shared office space options.

See What Others Have to Say About Our Coworking Spaces

At Imagine Coworking, we’re honored by the positive feedback from our valued members who’ve embraced the dynamic environment of our coworking spaces in Kennesaw, GA. They’ve found not only a reliable office space but a community where shared ambitions and collaborative energy thrive. Our members often highlight the versatility of our coworking amenities, ranging from hot desks to private offices, all tailored to support the way they work. Whether it’s the convenience of month-to-month flexibility or the excitement of joining a network of local entrepreneurs, our shared office space becomes a nurturing ground for innovation and productivity. The testimonials underscore the significant benefits that our coworking spaces deliver, such as increased focus, networking opportunities, and access to exclusive events designed for our member community.

New members are especially delighted by the warm welcome they receive, which is exemplified by our special offer: 50% off their first month. Such gestures affirm our commitment to providing an unparalleled coworking experience in Kennesaw. When prospective members book a tour of Imagine Coworking, they’re often impressed by the attention to detail and comprehensive amenities that empower them to get more work done efficiently and effectively. Our vision is clearly reflected through the experiences of our members, making Imagine Coworking the go-to shared office space in Kennesaw.

Meeting Rooms At Our Office Spaces in Kennesaw, Georgia

Envision the ideal backdrop for your next pivotal meeting – an environment that fosters both creativity and productivity. Imagine Coworking provides exactly that within our office spaces in Kennesaw, offering a selection of well-appointed meeting rooms designed to cater to a diverse array of professional needs. Each meeting room is crafted to inspire collaboration while ensuring the privacy and focus necessary for successful gatherings. With the convenience of our location and the flexibility of our space, you can host everything from a critical client pitch to an innovative brainstorming session.

As an extension of our commitment to serve the local business community, our meeting rooms come equipped with state-of-the-art technology and are supported by a dedicated service team. Whether you’re leading a seminar, conducting interviews, or facilitating a workshop, the ambiance within our meeting rooms is conducive to achieving your agenda with excellence. In addition, members have the luxury to unwind or network in our business lounge, an ideal space to connect and recharge.

Imagine Coworking invites you to experience our office space first-hand and see the value we offer to Kennesaw professionals. With a variety of room sizes and configurations, our meeting rooms can accommodate both intimate discussions and larger conferences. Consider us for your next meeting, and let our rooms be the setting where your ideas transition into reality.

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